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Tolerance to tiredness and love for walking are all we need when we set off from the settlement “Karmi Andritsaina” on this adventure of ours. If we visit when the fruit is in season and since Karmi is famous for its fruit, let’s help ourselves to plenty of fresh fruit –“pesticide – free” – for the road. With six and a half kilometer of hiking ahead of us, we’ll probably need a snack. Along this path that is really ideal for the enthusiasts of riverside routes and fauna and flora, one thing is for certain.

Alfios river

Alfios river

We are in no danger of getting lost. We walk the full length of the stream “Mateseiko” and often we will have to approach it and at other time, keep our distance from its bed. Halfway along the course we encounter the crossroads towards Matesi and we follow it so that we can visit the famous arched “bridge” of stone.

We then return to the bed of the stream “Mateseiko” and then continue on our walk for the remaining half of the hike until we get to where the stream empties into the river Alpheios.
Upon returning to Andritsaina, good food and rest are in order. Anyone that has tasted the delicacies and local food at the restaurants and grill – houses of the region recommends its cuisine wholeheartedly for gastronomic, savory pleasures.

A comfortable bed, a hot, soothing bath and all the conveniences of modern civilization at Andritsaina’s  accommodations will make our overnight stay there like hospitality of the gods.

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