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Temple of Epicurean Apollo

In the shade of Lyceum mount, on the borders of Ancient Parassias, under the wings of Epicurean Apollo, with history dating back to the beginnings of the world, the heroic Andritsaina, the womb of gods, battles, cultures and people-stands proudly and fights. It has stood for centuries now, hewed out of stone, looking down haughtily from an eagle nest, surrounded by wild gorges and mountaintops, with shady forests and raging rivers. It is proud of its stone temples and towns named Arkadikes, Phigaleia, Alipheira …its Byzantine domes, bell towers and monasteries, Roman monuments and chieftains’ stately houses smelling of gunpowder. It takes pride in the beauty of its mountain – like trunk, its forest-rich hair, the heroic deeds of its bloodied past, its residents’ achievements, its springs, its nobility. It fights with its ancient Arcadian soul against the elements of Nature, the ruses of history and the angry rage of its enemies. Like the lady in the Inn, the widow of Andriko, her namesake, Andritsaina. For centuries it has stood proudly and fights, charming, mysterious and untamed! Just as femme fatales only know, just as only indomitable women know how to endure.


Alfios river

A town of stone built like an amphitheatre on a with a commanding view, with a long history and endless beauty, Andritsaina, the capital city of the municipality with the same and a cultural centre. Lagadians, people from Epirus, and Italian craftmen when passing through left their imprint as they painstakingly carved stone with artistry, thus constructing wonderful cobblestone paths, stately houses, bridges, churches and fountains. One of these is renowned, called “Trani Vrisi” which is one of the oldest in the Peloponnese, keeping company with the church of St. Nikolaos, dedicated to three saints in all, in the center of the town, whereas further down at the district of Mourmoureika, we can see the well-known church of St. Therapon and several older and more impressive mansions. A recent addition to the symphony of stones is the town’s lovely theatre. The locals are well-known farmers and stockbreeders, producing and selling in the local markets original diary products, fresh vegetables and delicious fruit. Traditional sweets and savoury noodles are all homemade, whereas the bread, freshly – kneaded and baked in ovens heated by wood pervades the town. Andritsaina has always been at the heart of events, proof of which is the traditional printer’s shop of the local newspaper “New Horizon”, published non-stop since 1926. The historicity of the region, its cobtribution to the Sacred Struggle for Independence and the bravery of its people are unquestionable. A true son of Andritsaina, Panayiotis Anagnostopoulos, whom Modern Hellenic History did not treat justly unlit recently, was proven to be, together with Tsakalov and Skoufas, the genuine first three founders of the “Philiki Etaireia” – Society of Friends. The statue of he first founder of this society that adorns the town as well as the monastery of Panagia Naphiliotissa bear witness to the fact that this town passionately adored both freedom and the Virgin Mary.



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