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They are popular and fascinating towns as well as historic sites; these places strike a self-confident pose in many a snapshot that captures the ambiance of old times…
Are you ready for a journey through time? Come with us for a stroll in the most charming towns of Greece!

Xanthi – the old town

Xanthi is proud of its Old Town and rightly so as it is a cultural asset to the region of Thrace. The meandering cobblestone backstreets add to the charm of the well-tended grand houses built in the special local style, a mixture of Greek neoclassicism, local architecture and ottoman craftsmanship.
Every September the Old Town wears a festive mood and its neighbourhoods get decorated with multi-coloured settings against which numerous artistic events are staged. Visit the Folk Art Museum which is housed in Kougioumtzoglou Mansion, the Art Gallery, and Daniel Mansion where Manos Chatzidakis -a 20th-century great Greek composer and poet- was born.

Uptown neighbourhoods in Kastoria town

One of the town’s most picturesque localities is Doltso, an old area at a short distance from Lake Orestiada. The neighbourhood boasts impressive grand houses of the 17th and 18th century that are reminiscent of a once blooming economy based on fur tanning and trade.

Many of these houses have been turned into museums, like the Neratzi Aivazi mansion which houses the Folk Art Museum, the Emmanouil mansion which is now the Costume Museum etc. Round up your walk near the northern beach; you will reach another historic neighbourhood, called Apozari. Feel the aristocratic ambiance, visit the elaborate byzantine churches and walk by the beautiful stately buildings constructed according to the local Macedonian architecture.

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