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Some suggested sites of cultural interest to visit:
The Archaeological Museum in Chora, Andros
It is a very functional building that was built in 1981. It houses finds from excavations in Andros as well as a very well preserved copy of the Map of Rigas Feraios. The Hermes of Andros and the artefacts from the archaeological collection of Zagoras, which is of great historical value, are also impressive.
Tel. 22820 23664, 22820 23664 Website: www.moca-andros.gr

The museum of Modern Art in Chora, Andros
A museum of international fame founded in 1979. In 1986 its new wing of 10,000 square meters was inaugurated, which can entertain important exhibits. Impressive works from Paniara, Mpouzianis but also Picasso, Matis, Kadinsky, Balthus, Giacometti, Klee, Chagall, Giorgio de Chirico, Rodin, H. Moore, T. Lautrec, J. Miro and more have been exhibeted.

Every summer since 1986, the museum has been organising temporary exhibitions showing works of major artists of our century. Every temporary exhibition is accompanied by a round table discussion, a fully illustrated catalogue of the works exhibited, the publication of posters and postcards, film screenings on the life and work of each artist, guided tours and children’s workshops.
Tel. 22820 22650, 22820 22650

The Kydonieos Institution in Chora, Andros
Founded in 1994 by P. and M. Kydonieos. Its interest is focused in plastic arts, music, theatre, literature. Since 1995 it established the institution of “Ploes” and each summer it organises exhibits of painters that have contributed in the configuration of modern plastic art pursuits.
Tel. 22820 22262, 22820 22262

The Naval Museum in Chora, Andros
The history of the Andros navy, through charter parties, contracts, seamen’s diaries, lithographs, photographs, naval authorities and models of Andrian ships.
Tel. 22820 2264

The Museum of Folklore and Christian Art in Chora, Andros
It is accommodated in the old ice factory of Andros, in the Paradise hotel. It presents exhibits from the life of Andros and copies of Christian art.
Tel. 22820 61219, 22820 61219

The museum of Textile Art
Housed in the historical monastery of Agia Triada in Korthi where the visitor will be able to see a complete set of weaving tools and a large weaving collection .
Tel. 22820 61219, 22820 61219

The Ecclesiastical Museum
Housed in the Byzantine church of Agioi Saranda at Aidonia. Some of the impressive exhibits include old icons, Gospels, Byzantine wreaths and other ecclesiastical utensils.
Tel. 22820 61304, 22820 61304

The Kairian Library / Chora Andros
Almost 3000 volumes from the private collection of Theofilos Kairis (a man of letters and a clergyman from Andros, 1784- 1852) are kept here. Also several rare publications, manuscripts, historical files, works of art and a small archaeological collection. During the summertime it organises exhibitions as well as literature and music events.
Tel. 22820 22262, 22820 22262

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