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An initiative of the Thera Municipality aimed at promoting the island as an international gastronomic destination.

Santorini 2013: Delectable, gastronomic, deliciously explosive
The eyes steady in the deep blue caldera, balance on the steep rocks and touch the white line of villages shining under the Aegean light.
Santorini, imperious and mysterious, captures the traveller’s senses.

In 2013, a year dedicated to the fruits of the dry volcanic land; the magnificent beauty is accompanied by unique flavors. Your stay will evolve into an unforgettable dining experience.
“2013 Year of Gastronomy in Santorini” is a multidimensional initiative. It connects the island’s past, the era of the prehistoric settlement of Akrotiri, with the present and it highlights how special the volcanic soil of Santorini is.

tomato fritters from santoriniUnique agricultural products, innovative high-class restaurants, cozy taverns with traditional cuisine, open to visitors famous wineries, romantic hotels and special sections of local products in the shops of the island are combined into a creative scenery of gastronomic delight. The choices between specially designed menus, great wine tastings and breakfasts with products from Santorini, will be inexhaustible.

Gastronomy embraces all aspects of modern life in Santorini; arts, tradition, education, science and culture in general. The program by the Municipality of Thira, includes dedicated events of culinary, artistic and historical themes.

Get information about conferences and exhibitions related to wine and food, special events on local gastronomy and many other cultural events that will take place, throughout the year, on the island.

Over the centuries, only few species of plants were able to adapt and survive in the inhospitable island ecosystem of Santorini.

These species persistently – almost stubbornly – struggled against the extreme soil conditions by :

– Limiting their requirements on nutrients and water.

– Developing root systems that can penetrate the coherent volcanic soil in a quest for traces of water trapped in the porous pumice.

– Configuring a rather elaborated canopy to withstand intense sunlight or strong winds and also reduce the evaporation of the precious moisture.

– Enhancing their identity by harnessing the omnipresent sea salt.

In most cases the fruits of these plants, always limited in their quantities, will surprise you by their exuberant, full bodied and concentrated flavors.

Local gastronomy

Greek food fava

Greek food fava

Santorini, an island of mostly rural economy in the 1960s, had not yet recovered from the big earthquake of 1956 and sees tourism as a gift for economic growth.
Gradually the taverns start to offer visitors what was everyday food for the locals; tomato fritters, fava beans, and wine.

A few years later the rapid growth of tourism inspires many locals and attracts many entrepreneurs from all over Greece who come to Santorini and open new restaurants on the island.
This is when the gastronomic identity of the island begins to form, with local taverns serving traditional recipes, restaurants serving Greek cuisine but also a new category of restaurants that make local cuisine go a step further, combining the unique products of the island with modern trends in gastronomy.

The pioneers were followed by many more and today the island is capable to satisfy every culinary desire for those who love good food and good wine.
Small taverns on the beach, restaurants of Greek cuisine in the mainland and also several places where a high level of local – creative cuisine is served.

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