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When morning coffee is served as thick, dark and potentially brain-exploding as this, we can only be in Athens.
We’re being served this potent, unfiltered concoction, brewed together with sugar in a traditional brass pot over a gas flame, as fortification for a food tour of the Greek capital.
No other drink, apparently, will do.
“Tea is for the sick and the infirm,” says Diana Kantaroglou, a guide with the Alternative Athens tour company (+30 69 51 51 85 89), who’s leading us around some of the best culinary haunts in Athens.
Which is why our day begins at Cafe 111 in Monastiraki, the bazaar neighborhood of Athens. (Cafe 111, Ermou 111 & Agiou Filippou, Athens; )

And we’re in no particular rush to get going.
“Greeks are heavy coffee drinkers,” adds Kantaroglou. “We also like to socialize in cafes unlike, say, the Italians with their quick drink-and-go espresso shots.”
Once finished, we turn over the cups and let the residue run down inside; there are still professional coffee readers who will predict your future from the resulting pattern.
None are present so early in the morning, so we put our fate in Kantaroglou’s hands and head out.
We’re on the trail of some of the best street food in Athens — a culinary scene that’s changed rapidly in recent years as Greek economic woes and the recent European migrant crisis have had an unexpectedly delicious impact on the city’s eating habits.
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