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When in Evros, you should taste and buy:

traditional product of evros

traditional product of evros

•  Glyka tou koutaliou (confiture, fruit preserved in syrup), home made liqueurs, pies, chylopites (Greek pasta), couscous, red and white trachana (crushed wheat boiled in milk and dried), fides (vermicelli pasta) made by the Tradtional Women’s Cooperative of Feres “Ekavi”, 10 Egnatias street, tel.: 25550 22226

•  Home-made pies, pastry, trachana, jams, compotes, couscous and liqueurs from Agrotouristic Women’s Cooperative of Peplo “Akritises”, tel.: 25550 31227,31901

•  Trachanas sour or spicy. Ifkadia (broad egg noodles), couscous, oumats (white trachanas), jams made of forest fruit (tsapourno, krano), ritseli (type of a confiture), liqueur (tsapourno, krano, pomegranate, mint, morello), hand-made fyllo pastry sheets and pies made by the Agrotourist Women’s Cooperative of Trigono “Gaia” situated at Kanadas, Trigono, tel.: 25560 51285

•  Traditional cooked meals at the restaurant – refreshment bar of the Women’s Cooperative of Loutro “Chana” situated at LoutraTraianoupolis, tel.: 25510 61070,61028, 61004

• Confitures (ritseli, courgette, cherry tomato) and lukum (Turkish delight) made by the Agrotouristic Women’s Cooperative of Lefkimmi.

•  Chylopites (Greek pasta), trachana, confiture (quinces, grapes, fig, courgette, water melon) made by the “Gerakina” Women’s Cooperative of Dadia situated at DadiaSoufliou,tel.: 25540 32323,32244

•  Herbs and flavorings, home made spirits, pies, kilintiria, kiddling baked in the oven, home-made bread, glykatoutapsiou (sweets baked in a dish), jams, gioufkades (sort of Greek pasta) and trachana at the tavern run by the Agrotouristic Women’s Cooperative in Aesymi.

•  Glyka you koutaliou (praousto (wild plum), morello, fig, walnut), pasta, jams, liqueur made bt the Agrotouristic Women’s Cooperative “Axiokersa” located in Kamariotissa, Samothrace, tel.: 2551041307

•  “MagissaKirki” white and red wine and tsipouro at the Chorinopoulou winery which you can visit at Kirki, tel.: 25510 29201

• “Mpellas” ouzo and tsipouro as well as “EvritikaKelaria” wines.

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