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Battered by severe winds and imprisoned by huge turquoise waves, isolated Kasos looks like the Greece that time forgot. Most of its visitors are seabirds; 90% of the human returnees are Kasiots on fleeting visits, having left in droves years ago to seek employment. Few foreigners actively visit and most arrive by duress (yachties forced to moor due to inclement weather). But venture here and you’ll discover a tumbledown charm to the Dodecanese’ southernmost island. Untamed by tourism, it has friendly locals and a wild landscape with misty peaks longing to be explored.
Kasos, the southernmost island in the Dodecanese and the closest to Crete, is essentially the last link in the insular chain between Asia Minor and Crete.

Beaches of Kasos
Kasos’ coastline is full of any kind of beaches. It’s impossible, for any visitor, not to find in Kasos, a beach to fits with his habits and taste. Some abrupt with rocks, ideal for plunges, other with sand for summer sports, other with pebbles, small or big, organized or isolated.
In Emporeios exists organized beach, surrounded by two taverns and a confectionery, everything that is need for one full summer day.
In the western side of Kasos is found the beach Ammoua, in the region of Antjperatos where four solitary beaches are found, with pebbles in all colours, ideal for those who avoid hubbub.



In the southern part, more known is the beach of Helatros, with the natural harbor, which in the antiquity was used from Minoan seamen. The beach is always protected from the winds, while in the open sea, are formed unique waves, making the point, small paradise for all those who love windsurfing.
Among Kasos’ beaches distinguishes undeniably the one that is find in the very near islet of Armathia. Its’ view, that really nails you, is an incredible combination of Tropic and Cycladic landscape. For a lot of people is considered, and not unfairly, one of the most beautiful beaches of Mediterranean. The beach in Armathia is accessible only from sea, with boat, something that gives to the visit, apart from the emotion of beauty, and a tone of romanticism.
In the island exist much more beaches accessible only from sea, without however regular itineraries to them. But with good mood, it’s always found a way to visit them. You will realize that it’s really worth while.

The island is joined by ship with Crete and Piraeus (for information call 210-4226000). By airplane it is joined with Athens via Crete, Rhodes and Karpathos (for information call 22450-41555, 22450-49241, 22410-24255, 210-9269111 or at Olympic Airways at 801-1144444).

Satisfactory road network joins the settlements and allows the visitor to access all the island’s sights.

Cultural Events
The island is renowned for its numerous festivals, which take place in the church halls and the church courtyards all year round, in honor of the saints. They are considered a big event and gather all the inhabitants of the island as well as its visitors. Local dances, tunes and songs accompanied by the sound of the traditional Lyre and “Laouto” and the supply of free local food, sweets and wine, make the celebrations of Kasos both unique and popular.
A unique period is the big festival of Pera Panagia on the 15th August. During this festival many old customs are kept alive. For centuries, festivals, weddings and celebrations have been taking place with same traditions. Traditional foods from Kasos which have been prepared for all those celebrating are brought out to the sounds of the traditional Lyre of the Aegean and the “Laouto”, the steps of the “Sousta” and the “Zervou” and to the improvised songs and poems.



The main festivals of Kasos are those of St. Marina on the 17th of July and St. Spyridon on 12th of December. The feasts of Kasos have a prominent local character as both the music and dancing are performed by local musicians and dancers. On the 17th of June, the anniversary of the “Holocaust” is celebrated with great festivity each year.

The festivals of Kasos are those of:
-The Holy Trinity (a movable festival) in the village of Poli in June
-St. Marina 17th July in the village of Agia Marina
-The celebration of Christ 6th August in the village of Agia Marina
-Pera Panagias 15th August in the village of Panagia
-St. Fanourios 27th August in the village of Agia Marina
-St. Mama 2nd September (a monastery with traditional quest house)
-Panagia Elerou 8th September (a monastery with traditional “mitata” – shepherd’s huts where they make cheese and local dairy produce)
-The celebration of the Holy Cross 14th September in the village of Agia Marina.
-St. Dimitrios 26th October in the village of Arvanitohori
-St. George at Hadies (a monastery with small traditional rooms for people to stay) 3rd November and 23 April (movable festival)
-St. Spiridon 12th December in the village of Fri
-St. Konstandinos and Eleni 21st May
In addition the Municipality of Kasos organizes a yearly three-day event of festivities for the anniversary of the burning down of Kasos (7th June 1824).

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