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Legend and history blend on this divine island that once hosted one of the world’s seven wonders, only to become a wonder itself.
They say that when Rhodes emerged from the depths of the sea, Helios the sun god, fell in love with her beauty at first sight and blessed her with the warm embrace of his rays. But this island’s splendor goes beyond natural beauties – located at the crossroad of East and West, the marks left by Rhodes’ rich and turbulent history have become its unique treasures.

Day One
I arrive at Diagoras International Airport and take a taxi for a short ride to reach my hotel in the old town, Zacosta Villa Hotel (23 Xenofondos st ……). Noticing that it is already lunch time, I head to Dinoris (….) to enjoy delicious meze and ouzo before hitting the shops in the new town. My first stop is Roubeti Collezioni (….) for Valentino and Armani designs, followed by Scarabee (…). Aw the sun starts to set I head to Mandraki, the ancient harbor of Rhodes where the Colossus of Rhodes, one of the Seven Wonders of the World, once stood. My appetite leads me to the 12 Nissia restaurant, located inside the cosmopolitan Rodes Palace hotel (…). It is usually impossible to get a table without a reservation here, as chef … is a prominent figure in Rhodes’ gastronomique scene, but am lucky enough to get a taste of his fusion creations.

Arxitektoniki_upDay Two
The old town of Rhodes, now a Unesco World Heritage site, was once a stronghold of the Knights Hospitaller before subsequently falling under Turkish and Italian rule. The Palace of the Grand Masters, aka Castello, dominates the landscape (+30 22410 30011). From there I walk along the street of the Knights, admiring the magnificent architecture and restored buildings, down to the water’s edge.  Feeling totally immersed in history, I decide to have dinner at Alexis restaurant (….), the celebrated seafood tavern where the likes of Winston Churchill and Aristotle Onassis have dined; I am definitely in good company. As the night is still young, I head to Todo (15-17 …) to dance the night away to Cuban and South American sounds.

Day Three
Today I head out towards the Valley of the Butterflies, a unique natural park with lakes, waterfalls and picturesque bridges located about 27 km from Rhodes town. Thousands of colourful butterflies appear here every year from mid-June till end of September. Next on my list is Kalopetra Monastery, located above the valley and dating back to 1780, where stunning surrounding scenery and unspoiled pine forest take my breath away. In the evening I return to the old city and enjoy a gourmet dinner at Kontiki, a unique floating restaurant with impressive views of the windmills and harbor  (….)

Lindos_1Day Four
No visit to Rhodes would be complete without venturing south to Lindos, a picturesque settlement nestled on a verdant hillside about 55 km from Rhodes town, infused with the traditions of a bygone era. After checking into my hotel, the striking luxury Lindos Blu Hotel (…..), I take a donkey ride up the slope to the Acropolis, which boasts ancient ruins from the temple of Athena Lindiasand enchanting views of Lindos Bay. I head to the famous surfers’ paradise, Prassonissi beach, and after an action –packed day, I return to the village to embark on a spending spree in the narrow, cobbled streets filled with shops selling traditional ceramic pottery and handmade leather sandals. As night begins to fall, I head to Mavrikos for traditional Greek dishes with a flair of creativity (…)

Day Five
Every happy ending requires a few doses of luxury, so I choose the extravagant Aqua Grand Resort (…) boasting amazing artworks, swimming pools and private beaches with gazebos. I would have preferred ti indulge in some rejuvenating therapies at the hotel’s highly awaited new spa, but since it hasn’t opened yet, I decide to enjoy the sea. I am told that the islet across from the hotel is ideal for diving, and the rumours prove to be more than true after  I spend an hour exploring the magnificent underwater caves. Soon a taxi will arrive to take me back to the airport. But I still have time for a gourmet lunch at the hotel’s eclectic restaurant boasting an exquisite wine. I raise my glass and toast to my swift return to the beautiful island of Rhodes

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