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Every single Greek island has something special to offer. What if you prefer to go off the beaten track? Well we have the islands for you. In our next top 5 alternative island destinations experience extraordinary natural beauty and a serene atmosphere, where holidays find their true meaning.

Ithaca | The Land of Odysseus
The island where Penelope affectionately waited for Odysseus (aka Ulysses) exudes a nostalgic atmosphere. The landscape is remarkable. Go past the rolling hills, reach the beautiful sandy or pebbly beaches, visit the traditional villages, mountainous caves, sheltered bays, windy capes and archaeological sites.
Vathy with its Venetian heritage, is the ideal starting point for your daily excursions to the mountainous traditional villages as well as the seaside fishermen’s villages.

Ikaria | The Laid Back Island
Upon your arrival on the island of Ikaria you’ll encounter wild beauty. Explore its lush green mountains and the flowing water that travels through its breathtaking ravines. Spend a day on astonishing beaches; quiet or busy ones, pebbly or sandy, at least one of them will surely thrill you and guarantee enjoyable moments. Rejuvenate yourselves in the renowned thermal springs. Did you know that Ikaria is one of five places in the world where people live the longest? Find out the local secret of longevity. Visit mountainous traditional villages and uncover the true meaning of life. Are you ready for an island festival? At Christos Rachon Village local celebrations go on till dawn and promise to show you a good time.

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