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If you are tired of going back to the same crowded beaches over and over again then a trip to the Ionian islands could be just for you rent a boat, set sail and discover some stunning beaches that can only be reached from the sea.

Corfu- The cosmopolitan


One of Greece’s most visited islands, Corfu offers something for everyone. It’s worth driving to the Venetian neighbourhood Kampielo, the Old and New Citadel, Mon Repo, Achilleion and Korission Lagoon. Visit the most popular beaches: Glifada, Mirtiotissa, Konto Gialo and Sidari. Then sail to the small Diapontia Islands (Othonoi, Ereikoussa, Mathraki) where you find the ruins of Venetian castles.



Paxoi- Antipaxoi – The sophisticated
These islands could easily feature in a Greek version of the movie “The Blue Lagoon”, with crystal clear seas and verdant tropical surroundings. The islands, according to legend, were the refuge of lovers Poseidon and Amfitriti . Paxoi – Antipaxoi have become very popular in recent years as a sophisticated destination for Greeks and jet – setters from Italy and the UK. The islands are attractive as they feature numerous bays with moorings for all types of boats. Each venue at Paxoi has its own fans – the “celebrities” prefer Gaio, those who seek seclusion go to Loggo, seafarers prefer Lakka, the most popular port, and the adventurous visit Papanicolis Cave, which can be accessed by boat and where you can swim in its cool waters. All visitors visit the exotic sandy beaches of Antipaxoi, Voutoumi, Vrika and Mesovrika, that can be reached either by small boat or yacht. A place you must visit at Antipaxoi is the capital and the island’s port Gaios, which is connected with Corfu’s port.

Lefkada Mainland’ island

Kathisma beach

Home to poets Angelos Sikelianos and Aristotelis Valaoritis, according to Homer, Lefkada – which means “white” – took its name from the white rocks of the coast. Getting to the island is very easy, as you can drive there from mainland Greece. It is close to Greece which is why it is referred to as a “mainland island”. Seafarers love it for its white sands, pristine waters and “undiscovered” treasures.
Begin your tour of the island from Nidri village, and, if you are brave enough, drive into the magnificent waterfalls at Dimosari Gorge and explore the depths. Next stop Vasilikis and Ayios Ioannis beaches, both are a paradise for windsurfers. One of the island’s best beaches is Porto Katsiki, which has often been voted the most beautiful in the Mediterranean. Also worth visiting is Kathisma beach. When leaving Sivota pay a visit to Egremnous, a magical place with an exotic beach featuring white sands and blue-green seas. Lefkada is surrounded by tiny islands with wild vegetation and sands that tempt you to explore them, including Meganissi, Atokos and also Skorpios, where access to the island is prohibited but you can lay anchor at one of its beaches and admire Jackie Onassis “Pink Villa” from a distance.

Ithaca – Odysseu’s land

Ithaca vathi

Ithaca is a short distance north of Lefkada. Land of Odysseus, his statue, the island’s landmark, is found at Stavros village square; “Bless Odysseus” is inscribed on the plinth. In the Cave of the Nymphs, also known as Marmarospilia, you will see stalactites, which is also where, according to Homer, Odysseus hid the gifts given to him by King Akinoos of Feakon. At Stavros, visit Polis beach, with its sheltered port and anchorage for the many fishing boats. On its seabed lie the ruins of a sunken ancient town. Next to the port, visit the small secluded Ammoudi sandy beach, which can only be accessed from the sea. From Polis beach, travel along a tropical coastline to reach a beautiful beach, Kouloumi, and directly opposite Kouloumi you will find Afales, a spectacular place with a pebble beach and rocky coastlines. Gidaki, is one of Greece’s finest and most magnificent beaches, which often forms the popular image that features on postcards. Another one of Greece’s best beaches is Platis Ammos, a place which in summer, especialy during August, gets crowded with arrivals from Frkes and Kioni, from the capital Vathi with its neoclassical houses and various other places. Something you should definitely do before you leave the island is swim at Sarakiniko, Filiatro and Loutsa beaches and explore their rich depths.

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