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Greeks tend to call Chora a popular traditional whitewashed village in the Aegean Sea, which is most often located on the highest point of the island. The cube-like, white-blue houses, with their multicoloured window shutters, the narrow cobblestone alleys aligned with flower pots, the picturesque chapels and village squares, the ruined castles and windmills are some of the reasons that make these villages so special.
Let us introduce you to the most charming ones!

As you approach the island of Serifos you’ll notice, at a glance, the Pano and Kato Chora Villages built on the hill side (their names, Pano and Kato, describe where the villages are built, on higher or lower grounds respectively). These two medieval villages are connected by a stairway. Walk up to the top of the castle and afford panoramic views of the archipelago. Enjoy strolls around the popular area of Piatsa in Pano Chora, visit the Folklore and Archaeological Museums in Kato Chora and make sure to capture some pictures at the windmill square, which is especially beautiful at night.

Chora Village on Anafi Island, with its picturesque whitewashed houses, yards and alleys, is built on the ruins of an old venetian castle. Within this traditional village, no cars are allowed, so walking is the only way to discover its charms and its numerous nice churches. The two big windmills in Chora are well worth a visit. They were built in the 19th c. on opposite sides of the hill marking the village’s boundaries. Workers from this island migrated to Athens and built the Anafiotika neighbourhood, on the foot of the Acropolis Rock, following the island’s architecture.

Chora on Folegandros Island is built on the edge of a hilltop, in and around an old medieval castle, offering panoramic views of the villages below, the archipelago and the Sporades Islands. The village is picture perfect with the bougainvilleas adorning the houses’ balconies. Park your car on the outskirts and enjoy walks within village on the cobblestone streets that lead to green public squares. Don’t forget to savour local dishes at Dounavidon Square and sip your rakomelo (Greek raki spirit mixed with honey) at Piazza Square.

Chora is built in the centre of Amorgos Island among hills, far from the sea, on a rock where a venetian castle is located. The sunlight reflected on the whitewashed houses and alleys, and the colourful window shutters create an immaculate ambience. Visit the castle and the churches, talk with the friendly locals, take a break in the shady public squares and drink raki in one of the most beautiful Chora of the Cyclades.

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