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Two extraordinary islands, beaches boast idyllic golden sand, crystalline waters and one sail boat are ingredients to an experience of a lifetime.

Kefalonia- Hollywood air

Lepeda kefalonia

Lepeda kefalonia

The film “Captain’s Corelli’s Mandolin”, which was set in Kefalonia, may have boosted the island’s tourism, yet its seas remain clean and locals haven’t lost their authenticity and sense of hospitality. It’s an ideal destination for seafarers since it has many safe ports for mooring stunning expansive beaches and small bays with mesmerizing, secluded turquoise waters. While on the island make sure you rent a car to fully experience the local cuisine, cultural heritage and the variety of landscapes with the famed Melissani Cave, the lakes, mountains and beautiful firs and castles. The west of the island is mostly unspoiled territory as it can only be accessed by boat, while the north remains the most charming with the famous villages of Myrtos, Fiskardo and Asso. Set anchor at Sami or Ayia Efimia and head from Sami towards Argostoli passing Aino, with its unique black firs that grow I Kefalonia. While on this route, you may even encounter some of the island’s wild horses.

Zakynthos – The poets island

Porto Vromi zakynthos

Porto Vromi zakynthos

Zakynthos, home to poets Solomos and Kalvos, has been a constantly changing landscape over the years, with mass tourism giving way to alternative forms of tourism. The island’s largest port is found in its southeast region. From there you can drive to the mainland: visit Solomo’s Museum, the arches on the buildings in Zante, the ruins of the Venetian castle and enjoy the view from Strani hill, the place where Solomo’s hymn to freedom was inspired. Sail towards the west of the island, to the famed Wreck beach. Even though it’s often crowded it still remains a certain charm with the rusting wreck of a ship which has been stranded on the white sand for years creating a unique focus point. Also worth visiting is Laganas bay, and the National Marine Park, created for the preservation of the Caretta – Caretta sea turtles. On the northeast side of Cape Skinari you will find Blue Caves while, on the soyth of the island, you will find Keri Caves near Marathia Arches, with rocks forming bridges over the sea.


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  1. Kefalonia constitutes a leading and worldwide well known tourist destination.
    Kefalonia is ranked among the Top 10 tourist destinations worldwide, with a particular reference to the quality of the way of life that it offers.

    The continuously increasing number of tourists of Kefalonia, as well as the profile of the current traveller, requires the differentiation and the enrichment of the offered tourist “product” of the island and the growth of the corresponding infrastructure.

    The investors will find in Kefalonia a great breadth of opportunities, a fertile soil for new investments and some of the most beautiful locations in the world.
    A unique landscape
    Kefalonia has more than 267 kilometres coastline. The visitors discover various choices in sectors just as the sailing and the cruises. Virgin beaches, imposing mountains, rich history and traditions, spectacular landscapes and the famous hospitality of the residents of Kefalonia (Kefaloniton) are the elements that attract visitors from the all over the world.

    The Mediterranean climate of Greece is ideal for tourism almost all year long. Today, many modern hotel units operate in Kefalonia, as well as rooms and apartments to rent of exceptional quality.
    Even though Kefalonia has a good enough tourist infrastructure, an objective has been set to develop further its tourist potentials, so that the tourist period to get prolonged. Already, a lot of foreigners, mainly Europeans, consider Kefalonia as a destination of a second residence.
    The issue of the sustainable growth constitutes an integral part of the tourist developmental strategy of Kefalonia. Many of the hotel compounds, the rented rooms and apartments and the resorts have installed photovoltaic systems in their effort to decrease the emissions of the carbon.
    Human resources of Kefalonia
    Due to the continuous increase in the number of visitors that visit Kefalonia every year, the training and the specialization in the tourist services are of vital importance. The human resources in the hotels and the rented rooms and apartments are trained and willing to respond in new challenges.
    Kefalonia, as a tourist destination, is presented by a great and multilingual international marketing campaign in all the international media. Moreover, Kefalonia is represented in the greatest commercial exhibitions of tourism and is being suggested by great travel and tour agencies worldwide.

    The abundant natural resources of Greece, the historical wealth and its traditional heritage constitute the base for the creation of all the forms of alternative tourism, including the religious tourism, the trips of adventure, the archaeological tourism, the gastronomic and wine tourism.

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